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One of the most efficient and painless ways of building capital is to systematically save a portion of your income. Regular and disciplined contributions to a scheme is probably the best way to develop a substantial portfolio.

Our clients can rest assured that their schemes, which are placed in safe jurisdictions, enjoy maximum confidentiality and security.

We can open savings accounts for you, which will satisfy your overall needs. You might want to save towards a pension by means of a long-term, low level, sustainable product. On the other hand, a shorter term, flexible product - possibly running alongside - could allow you to save for more immediate needs such as property purchase or school fees. For example setting up a regular savings plan with one our licensed Insurance Companies will provide you with the financial freedom and security needed. Genenali Pan Europe offers regular savings plans which can be set up over a specified term that meets your needs.

The inherent flexibility will prove its worth if your personal circumstances should change in the future.