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There may be significant benefits of holding a personal portfolio bond. In simple terms a portfolio bond, is a structure that combines an insurance contract to create a holding vehicle for you, through which you can invest into many different types of funds, cash deposits and holdings.
The popularity of a portfolio bond has increased in recent years with the advent of the European Savings Tax Directive (EUSD). With the European Savings Tax directive a portfolio bond is increasingly a more favourable option. If you want to hold your cash in a bank deposit, you can even do this through a portfolio bond.

Furthermore, you can also hold and transfer existing funds and equities to consolidate your investments and reduce administration headaches. From the single, simple structure of a portfolio bond an investor can shrewdly diversify his/her portfolio through investment across various asset classes. Plus, profit made through sale and purchase of funds within a portfolio bond is not subjected to capital gains tax (CGT).